Would you still be beautiful?

“If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful?” I saw that quote on a picture and I thought, “Oh deep” and I posted it on my Whatsapp status without really thinking more about it. Then two people texted  me and asked me to answer my own question. Then I took some time out and analysed it. If speaking nicely gave you a smooth skin and speaking otherwise gave you spots, how smooth will your skin be? I can’t begin to imagine the amount of spots I would have acquired, quite a lot, I must say.

Nobody was created less human than the other so, before you speak, think about how your words make you feel as a human. That way you’ll decide whether or not some things should be said. I also thought about this ; if my actions and “mere” thoughts were published on a bill board or on a projector for all to see, will I be comfortable? Will you be comfortable?

The saying that “actions speak louder than words” is true but that doesn’t diminish the fact that words speak a great deal as well. Words matter, and that can never be overemphasized. What you say to and about people matter a great deal. I know from experience that people may forgive words but may never really forget. Words stick to people, so think about it, what do you want people to remember you by?

Finally, now that we know words have a great impact, we should learn to use our words powerfully. Can it be said of you, “she gave me her word, so I can be rest assured”? A line in a song says ” when words get in the way, know that I care more than a song could ever sing”. Actually,  don’t let your words get in the way. Let them be the way to get to you. Let people know you by how you speak.

Thanks for reading. ❤💖.

Last week Tuesday. 

The day started like any other day, with me hitting the snooze button on my alarm like four times before finally hearing my father’s voice in my head and deciding to stand up. I was desperately hoping for one of the teams playing a match in my head to win already so that the match could be over. I started to recount the event of the past night that could make me wake up with this kind of headache. I didn’t stay up late to watch movies yesterday night (like I usually do), so why? “Oh no!” I thought, when I realised it was already 7 am. Now I had to rush for my 8 am class. The day had not even started and I was already hating it. “Just take it one step at a time” I told myself. I began to prepare for my classes and surprisingly got ready early enough. “Oh good, the day might not be bad afterall” I thought to myself. I heard my phone ringing, I picked it and it was Atinuke (My best friend). “Sup? U ready?” She asked, sounding like she was rushing too. “What’s wrong with this one? Did you wake up late too?” I  asked, laughing at her. “See ehn, I’m barely even awake now sef. Just meet me downstairs before I change my mind about attending classes today.”

We had just gotten to the class and were trying to sneak in through the back door as we were ten minutes late. I saw a sort of hustle bustle and I heard the lecturer say “Drop your bags at the back and proceed to your seats quietly with just a sheet of paper and your pen”. My eyes widened in shock as I whispered to Atinuke “test! We have a test? How don’t I know that? Did you read?” She looked just as shocked as me and I realized it must not have been announced. “Oh no! These lecturers and their impromptu tests”. I wasn’t scared though, because fortunately for me the course was Communication skills, my favourite course. So I dropped my bag and trooped in with my mates. “Settle down everyone” the lecturer said, “this time last week, I came to your class and told you that the class won’t  hold because there was a symposium holding at the school’s main auditorium and I was one of the speakers. I told you all that it was mandatory to attend the symposium and you all rushed off.” I already began to shake on my seat. You can imagine why, I did not attend the symposium!  I repeat, I did not attend… The lecturer’s voice reminded me where I was ” the question goes thus ; what topic did I discuss? Mention at least two of the questions I was asked. Don’t forget to write your name and matric number.” The walls began to rotate around me as I remembered how excited I was when I went back to sleep last week Tuesday. If only I had known. My hair began to itch, and my pen seemed to be a strawberry flavored lollipop. “What do I do now?” I asked myself as I had no idea what went down at the symposium. Don’t judge me, I’m not that bad a student.Tuesday is usually my busiest day, I only have a break by 10am-12pm after my first class after which I have classes till 6pm. So you can imagine my joy when I realized I didn’t have to start the day till 12pm. Some people must have actually attended the symposium becaue I could see people seriously writing. Was I seriously going to fail this test? Why did I choose last week Tuesday of all days to be disobedient? I had to do something. I saw the girl seated across from me smiling happily as she wrote on. I couldn’t  remember her name, Tolani or Titilope, I just remebered it begins with “T”. I decided to go with tapping her with my leg. She completely ignored me. “Oh, not today girl whose name begins with T, not today”. I continued tapping until she turned and gave me an annoyed look. I pleaded with my eyes and she just turned and continued her work. “What sort of wickedness is this?”  I thought as I remembered that I had once lent her my pen. See how she chose to repay me. I moved closer to her and tried to peep into paper and she turned around making a little noise. The lecturer appeared like a Ninja. “Akintade, is Tolulope disturbing you?” the lecturer asked, calling me by my surname. Yeah, her name is Tolulope. “Disturbing me ke, I thought, wondering why the universe chose to be mean to me today” I shook my head “no” but the lecturer still moved her to another seat. She left happily and I  heard the lecturer declare that we had less than five  minutes left and my brain went to over drive. I wrote whatever topic I imagined a communication expert would discuss and I also formed my questions, silently praying to God that Dr Adewale (the lecturer) would remember my name and know that I’m usually a good girl. I submitted and did not even wait for any of my friends as I was not ready to exchange tales of woe. “Well, this day could not get any worse” I said out loud to no one in particular.  I spoke too early as it began to rain. “Oh! Just great” I thought.  I walked down to my hostel in the rain without a care in the world. Only for my room mate to ask how my class went. “Don’t ask, don’t even ask” I said, as I slumped into my bed.

Pain should be felt.

“My life is over”,  “How do I cope?”
Those are sentences I’ve heard from people in grief. People react differently to bad news and this is because people have different emotional attributes. Some people scream, some people break down and some people just look on quietly. There is no specific “correct” reaction to pain.

I have issues reaching out to people in pain. What do you say to someone who has lost a loved one? Nothing you can ever say or do will bring the person back. I think all you can do is try to relieve the person’s pain. When I’m in pain, I prefer when someone just sits and watches me, I totally dislike it when people say “sorry” to me. Sorry worsens things for me and that is abnormal to many people.

The summary of this is that although being there for people in pain is important, I think pain should be allowed, don’t try to force people to be alright. Don’t feel discouraged if the person does not immediately get over it, it’s never easy but pain does not last forever. Remind people of the good things in their lives and that way you’ll be helping them.


She twisted and turned. “I can’t do this anymore” she thought to herself. At that very moment life seemed so bleak. She felt lost, frustrated and life seemed so  meaningless. “What have I done to deserve this?” She asked, looking up as if there was someone else in the room. She felt helpless and down. She begins to think those thoughts, you know the ones you think when you have a cold and maybe even fever. The end time thoughts, the “Lord forgive me, if this is my time to go, just take me, I can’t take anymore of this” thoughts.

She closed her eyes and silently waited for the gentle arms of the angels to lead her home. Then suddenly, the sound of someone opening the door brought her back and she could already perceive it, her sister had barely opened her mouth as a smile slowly crept up her face, “food is ready” said her sister and Adeola felt alive again.

Welcome message. (Too late to turn back now 😉)

Hello everyone. 

I feel so excited right now even though I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with this blog. I write a lot of stories which I discard and so I decided to open a blog and publish them. Hopefully,  someone will be crazy or bored enough to view them. Okay, I’m just kidding. I consider myself to be an okay writer. Not the best but not bad either and they say practice makes perfect. So, I’ll randomly post my stories or musings and I’ll appreciate constructive criticism. 

To anyone and everyone who will take out time to read and comment on my posts, thank you very much.